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Instagram Verification: How to get the Instagram Verification

Instagram Verification: How to get the Instagram Verification

Which Instagram user does not dream of this? The blue verified tick next to the profile name. What are the hurdles for reaching the blue check mark and what you can do to have the blue check mark in your profile, I will tell you here.

You have to meet these criteria to (maybe) get the blue tick

To get the blue hook from Instagram, it is unfortunately not enough to be active and post good content. Instagram has set up fixed hurdles that have to be reached to even get a chance to get the coveted blue hook. These are:

  • Your profile must be public
  • Your profile must represent a brand or a real person
  • You need a profile photo and you must have published at least one other picture
  • Only one account per brand/person is allowed. Exception: Different markets
  • The person/brand must be well known and regularly represented in the media

Especially the last point makes it very difficult for most profiles to reach the blue hook. However, if your account meets all these criteria, you can apply for verification.

The Instagram verification makes your account more trustworthy.

How to apply for verification?

The actual application for registration is quite simple. Open the Instagram App and follow the steps below.

  • Go to the settings of your Instagram account
  • Select the menu item “Request Verification
  • Enter your real name or the name of your company
  • Upload a picture of an official identification document (For trademarks: Upload commercial register entry)

Withdrawing your verification

Your account has been verified? Congratulations. Please note that your blue hook can be removed if you behave badly.


An Instagram account with a blue tick is popular with all users. Those who meet the high requirements can easily get the blue hook. However, due to the severe restrictions, most users are not able to obtain a verified account.

You want to know how to convert your Instagram account into a business account? Here you can find out.


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