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Instagram Business Profile: This is how it works! LM Blog

Instagram Business Profile: This is how it works!

Besides a normal Instagram profile, Instagram also offers the possibility to create a Business Profile. Why you as an entrepreneur should create a business account and how it works, I will tell you in this article.

Some years ago Instagram decided to make itself more interesting for companies. To get one step closer to this goal, they introduced the conversion of a normal Instagram account into a business account.

What are the benefits of an Instagram Company Profile?

The conversion to an Instagram Business Profile is particularly suitable for people who use Instagram commercially.


When you convert your Instagram account into a business account you have access to a lot of statistics and other information. Besides the age of your followers, Instagram also shows you the age, the time when most users are active and the gender of your subscribers. You can also see what country or city your followers come from.


Advertising is also possible with your Business Account. Instagram now gives you the opportunity to promote your own contributions. You will get more reach. This is also possible for your Instagram Stories. But also the direct switching of advertising contributions is possible. You can find a step by step guide here.


With the Company Profile Instagram gives you the opportunity to add a button to your biography. This allows your subscribers to communicate with you quickly and easily. In addition to an e-mail address, you can also display a telephone number.

How to change your Instagram profile to a company profile?

To create a company profile on Instagram, you first need a company page on Facebook. If you do not have a Company Page, you will need to set one up first. Here you can create a company page on Facebook

  1. Download the Instagram app if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Register with Instagram.
  3. Click on the “upper body icon” at the bottom right. If you have already published a profile picture, you can see it there.
  4. Select the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner and choose Settings
  5. Select the Account item in the settings. Select the last colored point here.
  6. Follow the instructions and link your Instagram account to your Facebook company page.


As you can see, converting a normal Instagram profile into a business profile is very easy and fast. In my opinion, the conversion is already worth it for the numerous insights you have available. I highly recommend any Instagram user to use the Business Profile.

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