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Password security: Pay attention to this when choosing your passwords

You should pay attention to this when choosing your passwords!

If you register on a website, you usually have to create a new account with an e-mail address and password to protect your data. Since many people do not want to remember several passwords, they use the same password over and over again. Why this is dangerous and how to keep track even with many different passwords, I will tell you in this article.

These are the most popular passwords

Splash Data makes a list of the most popular passwords every year. 2019 the three most popular passwords were 123456, password and 123456789. if you use one of these passwords, I strongly advise you to change it. You should also be careful not to use the same password all the time. If your password is cracked, the attacker has immediate access to all your accounts.

This is how you create a secure password


If you follow a few rules, you can easily create a secure password. These are the things you should be aware of.

  • Use special characters
  • Use upper and lower case
  • Do not use terms that can be found in a dictionary
  • Use different passwords
  • Your password should have more then 15 characters
  • Avoid terms from your enviroment as passwords ( pet names, siblings, e,g.)

So you can protect yourself even better

If simple protection with a password is not enough for you, you can now protect yourself very easily with two-factor authentication. Usually, you provide your telephone number in addition to your password to protect yourself from unwanted access. The next time you log in, you will receive a code via SMS after entering your password, which you must enter. With two-factor authentication, you can further improve your password security.

How to memorize many different passwords

Already above I mentioned how important it is to use different passwords. Since most people just don’t want to or can’t remember so many different passwords, there are now a lot of programs that can help you.

With the help of so-called “password managers” you can store all your passwords encrypted. Besides a desktop version, there is also a version for your smartphone. You can access the passwords stored there with a master password. This password does not necessarily have to be so secure. Use a password that you can easily remember.

Since the password manager is a local program on your computer or your smartphone, it is not directly accessible from the Internet and therefore not so easily attacked. I personally use this password manager for many years and can only recommend it to everyone.

Can I store all my passwords directly on the computer?

Das Abspeichern direkt auf dem Computer kann ich nicht empfehlen. Solltest du dir einmal einen Virus einfangen, ist es für die Angreifer ein leichtes, all deine Passwörter auszulesen und sie an deinen Konten anzuwenden.

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